I hope to engage my readers in interesting discussions on the following topics:

1. Art

I was inspired by my children to start painting and it’s been a wonderful experience so far. I enjoy every moment with the canvas and brush. I believe anyone can capture the essence of each special moment with their own style whether it’s by photography or art. My work is primarily for personal satisfaction.

I define my work as a balance between an expression, observation and a reflection of any beautiful depiction whether its landscape, flowers or abstract art

2. Travel 

One of my favorite quote on travelling It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a story teller” Ibn Battuta

I have beautiful memories of years and years of camping, hiking, boating and fishing in local areas in Ontario, Canada

There are absolutely stunning places to visit in Ontario, where  relaxing in a hammock overlooking a sunset or sitting around a campfire can bring so much peace of mind and tranquility.

But like so many others, I have dreams of travelling the world one day. I imagine taking pictures of beautiful scenery and then paint those scenery with the inspiration from my own travel adventures, exploration and discoveries.